RPL Procedures

Ebenezer Theological Seminary (ETS) has a process in place that can assess learning and experience that candidates have acquired in the past which may bear credits for the Learning Programme that is advertised here (seen addendum A). This is called Recognition of Prior Learning (also called RPL).

RPL is a process that compares and assesses the previous learning and experience of a learner against the modules that address the learning outcomes of the specified qualification, and the acceptance for purposes of qualification of that which meets the requirements.

A prospect student may submit any past learning, whether it was in informal or formal training or work experience in the field of Christian ministry, and it will be assessed to determine whether he/she qualify for RPL which may result in the exemption of parts of the learning program for which you enroll.

The application form to register as prospect learner at ETS must complete with supportive documents indicating prior learning and experience.  Application form can be requested from info@etsza.co.za.

If the candidate wishes to apply for RPL, he/she must indicate this in the application and the information submitted in this form will then serve as pre-screening by a moderator for RPL.  The moderator will contact the applicant if necessary.

If the pre-screening indicates possibilities for RPL, an RPL application form will be sent to the candidate.

The cost for RPL assessment is R 450 (There is no guarantee that your application for RPL will be successful and that it will result in you be awarded credits.  These fees are non-refundable in case applications are unsuccessful)