5. Learning Program for NQF Level 2

This program can be completed in your own time, but not in less than one years except if there are grounds for RPL.

Selections of this program are possible, but all the modules must be completed to qualify for the external summative assessment.

KM (Knowledge Module), PM (Practical Module), WM (Workplace Module)

5.1 Curriculum Structure

This qualification is made up of the following compulsory Knowledge and Practical Skill Modules:

Knowledge Modules:

  • 263601004-KM-01, Bible and Bible Interpretation , NQF Level 2, Credits 20
  • 263601004-KM-02, Basic Christian concepts , NQF Level 2, Credits 15
  • 263601004-KM-03, Worship services and preaching , NQF Level 2, Credits 4
  • 263601004-KM-04, Basic Christian pastoral care , NQF Level 3, Credits 8
  • 263601004-KM-05, Church leadership, administration, and accountability , NQF Level 2, Credits 7
  • 263601004-KM-06, The role of the church (Christianity) in the world , NQF Level 2, Credits 5

Total number of credits for Knowledge Modules: 59

5.2 Practical Skill Modules:

  • 263601004-PM-01, Share the gospel in a specific context and to a specific audience, NQF Level 2, Credits 13
  • 263601004-PM-02, Build caring relationships in the faith community and respond to the spiritual and physical needs of members, NQF Level 2, Credits 6
  • 263601004-PM-03, Apply Christian leadership and develop leaders in a faith community, NQF Level 2, Credits 6
  • 263601004-PM-04, Arrange and oversee the day to day running of ministries and of the administrative and accountability processes in the faith community, NQF Level 2, Credits 6
  • 263601004-PM-05, Help people in the faith community to share the gospel, support people in need and speak out for what is right and fair in the wider society, NQF Level 2, Credits 6

Total number of credits for Practical Skill Modules: 37

5.3 Work Experience Modules: 263601004 –

  • 263601004-WM-01, Prepare and conduct worship services, NQF Level 2, Credits 12
  • 263601004-WM-02, Plan and conduct teachings, and develop ministry activities, to enhance the quality of fellowship and mutual care, NQF Level 2, Credits 12
  • 263601004-WM-03, Develop life skills and Christian living, NQF Level 2, Credits 12
  • 263601004-WM-04, Observe the leadership of a faith community on how they lead the community, NQF Level 2, Credits 12
  • 263601004-WM-05, Participate in an outreach or community development project in a community, NQF Level 2, Credits 12

Total number of credits for Work Experience Modules: 60

5.4 Entry Requirements

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