Welcome to Ebenezer Theological Seminary

Ebenezer Theological Seminary  NPC 2015/048685/08 with 18A status. QCTO accredited Skills Development Provider
Accreditation Number: QCTOSDP00181012-1350 – SDP Code: SDP00901072018101201
QCTO – Occupational Certificate: Christian Religious Professional – code 101571    NQF Level 5  237 credits.

Our Vision
We want to guide pastors, church leaders and church members to Christian maturity, through the message of the Bible and the grace of God.
We want to equip pastors for their ministry in the local church in order to adhere to the commission of Jesus and to establishment the church on the foundation of Christ.

Our Mission
We want to train pastors and spiritual leaders of all Christian denominations to obtain a qualification that is accredited in South Africa.
We want to provide accredited refreshment courses for pastors and church leaders.
We want to empower pastors and other church leaders to train their own members by using accredited material.

Our Calling
We are called to increased discernment in the faith communities.We are called to be actively involved in church and society.
We are called to care for one another.
We are called to guide faith communities to the presence of the Triune, missional God.
We are called to hear God speaking to believers in context through Scripture.
We are called to faithfully adhere to the Munis Dei (God’s calling) and Missio Dei (God’s sending)
We are called to train believers.